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I'm Jannat, a professional Property Photographer and Digital Surveyor based in London. Over the past two years I have captured a thousand properties as a RICS certified Digital Surveyor with experience working as a Technical Assistant for a commercial floor planning company. With a degree in Architecture and a background in Photography, today I capture professional photographs to create marketing packages for sales and lettings purposes.



Each property holds its own set of characteristics, and so I believe that by choosing services that best fit your property you can get the most out of your marketing package. I offer a range of services so you can pick the right packages for you and leave out anything you don't need. Choose from a set of 3 Exterior photos, a set of Interior photos or one of the Video packages perfect for your property. For a full  list of all the services I provide click the link below or get in touch for more info.

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07398 573 174

Mon - Friday

9am - 5pm

Based in London,  UK

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