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Part 1, Final Major Project, 2020, University of Westminster

Architectural Design Proposal. Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LH

The Weather Station; Lambeth’s climate conscious primary school. A learning integrated ‘adventure playground’ accommodating for all weather conditions, encouraging learn and play in a climate conscious environment, preparing the next generation for the climate emergency. The building acts as a third teacher, teaching through materiality and structure about various climate issues and sustainable sources of energy. As a visual agent, the core of the site locates three existing trees, which remain as part of the proposal. 


The building is influenced by Junk Playgrounds, taking advantage of ‘incomplete’ structures, reused materials, reclaimed timber, and sustainable materials. A recent exhibition at The Wellcome Collection, Play Well - Why Play Matters, highlights the importance of play in learning. Including works of Friedrich Frobel, founder of the Kindergarten movement, one of the many philosophers who argued for the value of play in education, ‘encouraging learning through child-led interactions with the world’. 


At the end of the construction period, the scaffolding remains as part of the play landscape for students. The concept of the Junk Playground encourages students to directly engage with both the environment and materials. The design reflects open air schools and architecture that is adaptable. Movement is a key drive for the project, where the energy from play, mirrors the energy of that of the proposal; moving and adapting simultaneously with the climate, weather and continuous motion of play. As a Weather Station, students revolve around differing ‘weather conditions’, with each year group and classroom accommodating to a different season and climate. Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. For each season, a related play area is adjoined with sustainable sources of energy providing differing activities to allow for an embodied experience.


Part 1, Final Major Project, 2019, University of Westminster

Architectural Design Proposal. Camley Street, London

Aiming to reveal the existing industrial estate with sustainable urban intervention, the project focuses on the wellbeing of employees within the Camley Street Estate. The proposal enhances the existing inhabited plant life which is generally neglected, in order to retain the tranquillity of the hidden industrial zone. A growing network of small scale interventions, provide spaces of escape between work hours for the employees, also open to the general public. Encompassing several natural retreats, A Green Escape invites both locals and travellers to take a break from the busy life of Kings Cross, into a green industrial retreat.

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