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Exterior Photos

We provide professional exterior photos that capture the beauty of your property. Our exterior photo package includes a set of 3 photos showcasing the exterior of your building from various angles. Let us help you capture the perfect exterior shots to make your property stand out.

Video Lite

Video Lite is a service offering an efficient and cost-effective way to showcase your property. We create a 60-second walkthrough video of your property, complete with fully licensed music, to provide an engaging experience for potential clients. Our high-quality videos help you stand out from the competition and quickly show off the unique features of your properties.

Photos + Floorplan

We offer a set of 8, 12 or 20 photos of your property, including exterior shots and a floorplan. Our floorplans are measured using LiDAR technology and then finalised using CAD and Adobe software, giving them an elegant and professional finish.

Video Premium

Our Video Premium service offers a stunning 90 second landscape video, shot with professional equipment and set to fully licensed music. Our team of experienced professionals will create a captivating video that shows off the beauty of your property. Impress your clients and showcase your listing in the best way possible with our Video Premium service.

Available late 2023

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